Communicating in Adversity + Change

The global business environment continues to become more complex, uncertain, and interdependent.

Leaders know this.

Effective corporate leadership requires the capacity to communicate brilliantly during times of adversity and change – to tell the story in ways that maintain and develop identity; unity and community; and momentum.

Who I am… Who I’m with … and Where we're going.

We provide executive training, encompassing advanced performance and presentation training, that will create a momentum of change and growth that can influence all aspects of your work and life:

  • How to become an Integrated Communicator for media interviews, internal audiences, or community meetings.
  • Adversity Communication
    • Strategy with Empathy,
    • Strength and Vulnerability
  • Beyond Objectivity
    • Intention, Presence and Aspiration
  • Narrative for Change and Adversity
  • Communicating Risk, and;
  • Speaking with Resistent Audiences

The Integrated Communicator

Anyone can find their true communicator, but it takes awareness and practice.

Authenticity is a buzzword of communication training but you must do more than simply say ‘be yourself’.

To find your authenticity you need to integrate and balance voice, action, intellect and emotion.

Inconsistency is a warning light that a message or the messenger should not be trusted.

As an Integrated Communicator you will ‘suit the action to the word, the word to the action.’

From insights in neuropsychology and theatre performance techniques, we teach you to unlock your body and voice to express your authentic, powerful truth.


Executive Training for the leaders of today and tomorrow


We give you the tools:

  • to prepare and deeply understand both what you think and how you feel
  • to be aware how these impact and influence each other
  • to shine a light on your motivations, your rationalisations and your assumptions, and;
  • to understand your Brilliant Communicator ID


We work with you:

  • to assess your natural strengths and opportunities for improvements, your Integrated Performance ID
  • to train and prepare your body and your voice to freely and energetically do the work of communication
  • to quite literally build your performance muscles
  • to enable you to breathe and energise and articulate
  • to maintain and increase your performance flexibility and agility


We will focus on what you want to develop, and we will change that focus as you progress to maximise your achievements. Like working with a personal trainer at the gym: you can concentrate on specific goals and challenges when appropriate, or simply aim to get fitter and stronger over time. We can shift between these two ways of training.

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