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Brilliant communicators build credibility, aid problem solving, build relationships and inspire action.


There are many ways to fail as a communicator: you can be obtuse, unclear or simply dull; you can alienate your audience or simply fail to make enough impact to change minds or touch hearts.


There are also many different ways to succeed.


The Speaking Brilliantly Training gives frameworks and guidelines but, more importantly, will build your awareness of your individual strengths, opportunities and personal communication style so you can deliver your most authentic and effective performance.


You will learn to communicate with clarity and commitment, so you can be listened to and truly understood.


Combining theory with practice, our training gives you the tools to inform, persuade and inspire.


Our training is designed to prepare you for either live audiences or camera delivery.


Your one-on-one coaching with expert communicators from HighGround will be the key to your performance mastery.


HighGround Communication offers training in either an intensive group workshop for businesses and teams.


Or, individuals or teams can embark on a personalised six-week training program that will tailor to your strengths, opportunities and goals.


During training, you will conquer:


1. The Practice

First, the context. We delve into the mechanics of presentation - voice, presence, identity and energy. An insight into actors' training, you will practice strengthening, freeing and finding your confidence to step into the performance space.


2. The Preparation

Next comes the content. We explore the structure, language and technology of a presentation and how you can invent and create a high-quality presentation tailored to your audience, your needs and your personal style.


3. The Performance

Here, we combine the first two sections to create and refine your performance. You will practice, prepare and perform, and receive feedback throughout.


We will highlight your strengths and create frameworks to scaffold your weaknesses. You will come to deeply understand yourself as a performer and how you can be a unique and brilliant communicator.


Lachlan Grant - President of UQ Journalism & Communication Society

After completing a workshop with Rebecca, I feel I've become more confident in my speaking and that I'm able to convey messages to my audience more strongly. It's great to have an industry professional with years of experience help journalism students find their voice. I thoroughly recommend the workshop to any other journalism and communication students looking to improve their voice and become better communicators. I feel like this workshop has prepared me to enter the workforce and I feel more confident in my speaking and my ability to use the camera as a tool.

Laura Sinclair - Final Year Journalism and Communications Student

After finishing Rebecca's workshop, my speech, my tone, pause, pace - all the things that are essential to speaking I feel a lot more comfortable with. Rebecca's provided a great foundation between theory and practice that's helped me feel much more in touch with my inner communicator.

Georgia Schefe - Bachelor of Journalism and Business Management Student

I've just finished two workshops with Rebecca working on communicating and speaking like a journalism professional.

These sessions have been incredibly valuable, especially because this is something that is not usually taught at university, which is a really big gap in the program. So it's up to students to seek help from outside uni.

Now, going into the professional field and even doing further uni assignments, I feel like I am more comfortable with my voice, speaking into a camera and I now know how to speak with purpose.

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