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HighGround offers Narrative Issues Management to guide your response to incidents, crises or critical issues.

There are three aspects to any issue or crisis:

 1. the situation or event

 2. the organisational response to it 

 3. perceptions and motivations

Organisations who ignore the third or try to argue against community or stakeholder perspectives can make the situation much worse.

Our unique Narrative Issues Management process allows you to understand the whole picture and how the 3 aspects interplay. This informs strategic choices and creates a truly effective Critical Issues Communication Plan.

HighGround Communication consultants will work with your team and when necessary speak with your stakeholders or engage with the impacted community.

We ensure you have a clear and detailed awareness and can see the story of the issue as it unfurls.

We will guide strategies to enable you to build relationships in the midst of challenge. We will give you the insight you need to take action to minimise reputational damage, find surprising solutions and create resolution wherever possible.

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